The Main Street Event Center is an excellent choice for a wide variety of events including weddings, wedding receptions, wedding rehearsals, catered dinners, corporate events, birthday parties, banquets, reunions, dance parties, vendor & craft sales, family gatherings, graduation or awards ceremonies, memorial dinner or service, bands, holiday parties, trade fairs, photography & art exhibits, film showings, dramatic productions, photoshoots and film productions, baby showers, quinceaneras, children's parties, family gatherings, and much more! You'll enjoy a spacious open feeling with high ceilings throughout the facility and we have a large permanent raised stages which is 12 x 24 feet, perfect for bands, DJs, and theatrical events. We have a building sprinkler system which allows us to hold more than 100 people, which is the limit with non-sprinklered venues. With a building footprint of 7000 square feet, and a building capacity of 350 people, you'll enjoy plenty of room for your guests, social distancing, and will have the facility for your guests only, not having to share the space with other patrons like in many hotels!

Described by the latest urban designers as "Industrial Chic," our decor utilizes a neutral champagne colored palette so that you can personalize and customize your setting according to your own vision! 
Group Dances & Parties

With its layout, we are a prime venue for birthday, group and corporate parties and similar events for up to 350 people. We utilize professional security, have room for seating & tables, and have professional DJs with club lighting and lasers for a memorable dinner and fun dance party.   Our cash bar service with up to 4 bar stations will insure that your guests do not have to wait to get their favorite beer, wine, or cocktail. Soft drinks, water, and other refreshments are also available.

Public Meetings, Speeches, & Presentations

With a large open area in the Downtown Ballroom, we have many different seating configurations for speakers, lectures, meetings, and corporate or professional meetings and addresses. Combined with the Main Street Room, the event center is a perfect location for political events, debates,  public  hearings, meetings, press conferences, and forums on a variety of topics. 

Outdoor Covered Streetside Patio 

Our 700 square foot outdoor covered patio right on the sidewalk on Norman's Main Street is a great place to relax during your event. The covered patio also can be utilized for food trucks, cocktail parties or receptions during warmer  weather with our portable bar service which can be set up on the patio. The patio can also be partitioned off to give your group a private area right adjacent to the sidewalk of Main Street. 

Wedding Ceremonies & Receptions

Given Oklahoma's unpredictable climate which can include rain, storms, or excessive heat which could spoil an outdoor wedding, having your wedding ceremony indoors guarantees that you and your guests will not run the risk of having your special day ruined by inclement weather. You can get married in the Main Street Room, on the Downtown Ballroom stage, or on the floor of the Downtown Ballroom, as pictured here and move right into your reception and dinner festivities. 

Bands & Musical Performers 

With our 12 foot by 24 foot raised stage, the Main Street Event Center is a perfect place for bands, musical performances, and singers/songwriter events and bookings. We have been a venue for the Norman Music Festival and have had musical artist in multiple genres appear for both public and private events.  Our 12 channel mixer, subwoofers, mains, and microphones & microphone stands can be rented or bands can bring in their own sound systems. 

Vendors Marketplace or Sales Event

With over 6200 square feet in our facility, we can easily accommodate up to 20 vendors in 10 foot by 10 foot exhibition booths for trade shows, crafters fairs, Lularoe clothing markets, artist exhibitions, and antiques dealers, to name a few! Our in house free vendor wi-fi makes your sales transactions a snap and if arranged for, we can even have a snack bar and alcohol bar available for the patrons who attend. We are an all ages venue and regularly participate in Downtown Norman events like 2nd Friday Artwalk, the Fall Festival, Mardi gras parade, & street fairs.

Wedding Shower or Baby Shower

The Main Street Room provides a great location for a baby shower or wedding showers of up to 60 people. Included with your rental is a backdrop, background music, a microphone, table coverings, gift and cake tables, as well as all the seating and chairs you'll need. We can set up COVID safe individual lunch or dinner boxes from our menu, as well as provide cold drinks, tea, lemonade, or fruit infused water. For larger gatherings over 60, the Downtown Ballroom can be added to accommodate all of your guests. 


Film, Photoshoots, & Theater Productions

The Main Street Room and the Downtown Ballroom with 15 foot open ceilings are perfect for professional photoshoots and film productions with plenty of room not only for shooting, but also for casting calls and crew equipment. We have had professional radio broadcasts, film shootings, photo shoots, and casting calls at the venue, including a major Hollywood film in 2020. With our large 24 foot by 12 foot permanent raised and lighted stage, we are a great location for theatrical productions, rehearsals, and shows of various types. Add a professional sound system and you'll have the 2nd largest venue for your performance in the Downtown Norman area.


Education, Training & Instructional Seminars

The Main Street Room and the Downtown Ballroom can be configured in a variety of ways for guest lectures, training seminars, instructional presentations, and educational meetings. Unlike hotel venues, we do not charge for use of a large projection system, podium, and microphone. Tables can be arranged classroom style to allow for the use of laptops and provide the necessary writing surfaces for the audience. A separate room can be set up for refreshments or luncheon if the training lasts throughout the day, making things go much easier!